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The Book: A step-by-step guide containing legal and commercial information to enable start-ups, innovators and inventors to successfully launch their businesses - what to do and where to find resources – IPR protection - licensing and assigning intellectual property rights – raising finance - negotiations with third parties - manufacturing and distribution – which route?.


The Author: Dr Rosanna Cooper CSci CChem MRSC; CChem FRSC; Solicitor is the managing partner of RT Coopers Solicitors. She is a leading expert in intellectual property, pharmaceutical and biotechnology law. Not only has she worked as a specialist lawyer in the City of London for over 12 years, she is also a commercial/business consultant and has acted as a non-executive director for a number of investors. She is unique in that she draws on her scientific knowledge and business consultancy experience in providing the highest quality practical creative legal advice to start-ups, universities, corporate organisations and small and medium sized enterprises. She is an accomplished International speaker and writes regularly on intellectual property law.


“A most useful and, in my experience, one of the most comprehensive legal handbooks ever produced, by a remarkably talented and successful scientific lawyer. Dr Cooper's book covers an amazing breadth of legal information and commonsense about all the important aspects of business governance, intellectual property and negotiations. A truly unique and valuable easily read and well illustrated reference handbook that no innovation-led enterprise or start-up business should be without." Alan Wilcher IEng MIAgrE MIRTE MSOE